A Kindred of folk from Suffolk and North Essex who are Heathen Polytheists.  

We embrace a modern interpretation of the Early English Heathen religions. 

About Us


We come together to mark the turning of the year and to celebrate our festivals. Looking at, and drawing from historical evidence, and with respect to this, we have re-created a religion that can stand its ground with 21st Century living. We also consider that it compliments the many other manifestations of modern day Heathen faiths. We do not tolerate discrimination on grounds of disability, race, sexuality or gender. 


Investigating and drawing on the wealth of historical information that is available from the UK, Iceland and Northern Europe we learn together via study sessions. As a Kindred we celibrate our festivals, and we come together socially for outings and picnics. In the true sense of kindred we support each other in our daily lives.



As well as Blotar (religious observance and shared meal/feast), we facilitate study sessions for our membership and guests,  We also organise educational trips to historical sites for our membership.

As requested we have hosted events for the greater community.

Our Hope

We hope that you enjoy reading our site and we also hope that you may learn something you didn't know from perusing our pages.  This site has been created to share information about our faith with you. Thank you for taking the time to rest here for a while.

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